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With Agenses Insights you get easy to read dashboards. Your goals and your achievements are the heart of your contact center and so that is why we also make them the center of focus in Agenses Insights.

No distractions with unnecessary complicated reports but direct insights. For instance we show you very clearly when you did and when you did not reach your service level goals.

Agenses Insights is designed so you will gradually improve your Service Level and Average Handling Time to the levels that you desire.

When sudden drops in performance occurs Agenses Insights automatically sends you an alert so you can take appropriate action.


Designed to get a better insight in your contact centers dynamics

Agenses Insights is designed for daily and weekly usage. The more often you will use it the better you will understand the dynamics within your contact center.

You will have a better view on the distribution of calls over the days of the week. And you will also have a clear view on the busy hours within a day.

Our users tell us they regained control over their contact center’s performance after using Agenses Insights for only one month. If you want to see how? Please request a demo and we are happy to show you. (After the demo we can set up a 30 day free trial.)

Insights highlights

  • Set your own goals
  • Dashboards which show improvements and achievements
  • Designed to advance your performance over time
  • Alerts you when a sudden drop in performance occurs


Agenses Forecasting offers you a total new experience and shows how easy forecasting can be. No more copying of data or using three systems to gather all data. Because we import the data from your phone-system you can now create detailed forecasts for the next six weeks within five minutes.

The forecasting process is designed to give you full insight in your past and predicted call loads. Graphs show you the trends and you can easily adjust the generated forecasted daily call numbers with your own.

Want to see it for yourself? Request a demo today and if you like it we are happy to set up a 30 day free trial for you!


Forecasting highlights

  • Easily import your phone-system data
  • Forecast made visible in easy to read graphs
  • Adjust the forecast to your needs
  • Create detailed forecast in five minutes

Create forecasts in five minutes

We have revolutionized how you can import your phone-system data into Agenses. There is even no need to ask your computer department for help.

Your data gets imported, processed and enhanced. Now, creating a forecast is a breeze. No more handling with different systems and copying data.

With just two clicks you can create detailed forecasts for the next six weeks. The forecasts are based on the expected number of calls for each quarter of the day, for each day in the next six weeks. We ofcourse automatically calculate how many agents are needed to achieve your desired service level.


Create your schedules with Agenses and you can immediately see what your expected service level will be. We not only show you how many agents would be ideal to be scheduled each quarter of the day but also when you are over scheduled and when you are under scheduled.

This way you can decide to change your schedule, alter break-times or instruct your agents to keep phone-calls shorter.

Agenses learns the best when using Scheduling. We look at predicted needed agents, real scheduled agents and real achieved service level. We use this to improve future forecasts.


Create schedules with Agenses and improve forecasting

There is no need to use yet another system to create your schedules. Maybe you are still using Excel for this at the moment and as you know this is very prune to making mistakes.

By using Agenses Scheduling you make your life even more easy. Schedules are created in minutes and can be shared with your agents. You even get to see what the expected service levels will be for the amount of agents you scheduled.

Maybe more importantly it also improves the accuracy of the created forecasts because Forecasting uses this data to see how forecasts from the past have performed.

Schedulig highlights

  • Easily create schedules
  • Immediate prediction of service level
  • Improved forecasting results
  • Agent login

Free 30 day trial

Agenses comes with a free 30 day trial. Let us help you set up your data import and you can be on your way within one day.

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Are you happy with what you see? Let others know!

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