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From a hassle with Excel ...

As a contact center manager it is difficult and takes a lot of work to create forecasts and schedules, but what if we can make this process much more accurate and easy?

That is the question Agenses was started with and we have made it our mission to take the hassle out of forecasting and scheduling.

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... to Agenses online service!

Paul Prijs founded Agenses in 2015 with a revolutionary vision: To deliver performance improving tools to small in-house contact centers. By providing on-line tools that are easy to use by even novice contact center managers Agenses helps achieve performance improvements to those contact centers that previously had to use outdated tools like Microsoft Excel.

Today, we welcome more than a hundred new registered users each month. We are proud to do so without expensive consulting or setup fees. Anyone can now try our services and gain a performance boost in a matter of weeks.


Agenses sole goal is to Advance Your Performance.

We do not only give you insight in the current performance but actively guide you towards an even better performance.

We do this by actively measuring performance of your contact center. We measure the performance of your contact center  as a whole but also in detail per contact center agent.

We Advance

  • Your  Insights
  • Your Forecasts
  • Your Knowledge and Skills

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Small Contact Centers

Agenses services are aimed at small contact centers and work best up to 25 seats. (Our services can handle a maximum of 50 seats.)

In-house operations

Our products perform best for in-house operating contact centers.

In-bound traffic only

By providing services for in-bound traffic only we can advance your performance the most

Novice Contact Center Manager

Our services are designed so even a novice contact center manager can use it without prior knowledge

Quantitative & Qualitative Data

We use both data from your phone-system as well as data concerning the quality of the conversations to improve performance

No consultancy needed

All of our products work 'out-of-the-box'. There are no compulsory consulting fees

Our history


Start of Agenses

The Agenses.com domain name was registered


Erlang C Calculator

The free to use Agenses Erlang C Calculator was introduced


100.000 Calculations

More than 100.000 calculations were done with the Erlang C Calculator


Introduction Agenses Insights

The first version of Agenses Insights was developed


500.000 Calculations

More than half a million calculations have been performed using Agenses services


#11 University Incubator

Agenses was selected to take part in the #11 worldwide University Incubator program

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