Advance your performance & get back in control

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Advance your performance

Improve service level and save costs

Get back in control

Get back in control over your contact center

Spawn happy customers

Make your customers love you

Advance your performance ...

Complicated reports and dashboards can easily give you the feeling of having lost control. Agenses aims to offer only the features and reports that you really need.

Keeping your vision clear and empowering you to really advance your performance.

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... get back in control ...

By performing a daily check-in to Agenses you will look at yesterday and the current day. This way you will better understand how your contact center performed yesterday and how it will perform today.

Gradually you will take back control and better understand how you can influence your contact center’s performance.


... spawn happy customers

Get clear Insights in your contact center’s performance. Zoom in from the overall view to individuals. See easy to understand graphs that show true performance. We automatically gather quantitative data from your phone-system. We allow you to gather qualitative data by scheduling the listening of calls and scoring them in a uniform fashion.

We combine these data sets to actively show you performance of groups and individual agents.


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Advance Your Performance

Use the dashboards to gain insight and advance your performance

Improve your service level

Agenses services are aimed at making sure you are able to achieve the desired service levels

Easy to understand dashboards

Get easy to understand dashboards with all the data you need to improve your performance

Happy customers

Make your customers happy with improved service

Cut unnecessary costs

By creating better forecasts and schedules we can help you save costs

Management reports

Create easy to read reports that show improvements or easily show that more agents are needed

Gives direction

Gives you a clear direction in what actions to take to improe performance so you can get back in control

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