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Get a clear view on your contact center performance

Better Forecasting

Create better forecasts

Easier Scheduling

Schedule the right number of agents

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More Insights

Get clear Insights in your contact center’s performance. Zoom in from the overall view to individuals. See easy to understand graphs that show true performance. We automatically gather quantitative data from your phone-system. We allow you to gather qualitative data by scheduling the listening of calls and scoring them in a uniform fashion.

We combine these data sets to actively show you performance of groups and individual agents.

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Better Forecasting

No more hassle with Excel files!

We automatically import your phone-data it is now possible to create forecasts for each day of the coming month in just 2 simple clicks.

Our system uses your weekly historic data to forecast the coming 6 weeks. It then looks at the distribution of these calls over the days of the weeks and the hours and quarters of the day.

So instead of a hustle it is now a breeze to look into the future!


Easier Scheduling

After successfully creating a forecast it is important to schedule the right amount of agents.

We show you how many agents are required, and the number of agents scheduled.

You can immediately see the effect on expected service level based on your schedule.


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Easy to understand dashboards

Get easy to understand dashboards with all the data you need to improve your performance

Quick Connection

Connecting with your phone-system was never so easy. Just set up a daily email report like you are used to.

Speed up on-boarding

Speed up the process of getting new agents to full competence

Top & under performers

Easily see who outperforms and who under performs so you can take action fast

Reminders and Alerts

Get auto-reminders and alerts to make sure your performance stays within your desired service level

Gives direction

Gives you a clear direction in what actions to take to improve performance so you can get back in control

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