Calculating Call Center Service Level

Service Level is the metric used in most call centers to measure its performance. Upper management uses it to determine if a contact center manager is doing a good job. We will teach you how to calculate service level and how it should not be calculated as well. Hint: some managers change the method of calculating in a way that makes it look better than it in reality is.Read more

Everything you need to know about call center tools

Disclosure: The call center tools that are discussed on this page are products Agenses also offers namely products as Agenses Insights, Agenses Forecasting, and Agenses Scheduling. However Agenses focuses on small, in-house call centers which have only inbound traffic. (If you have a big contact center, are not operating in-house or have a mix of inbound and outbound traffic then Agenses will not offer the best solution.)    Read more

Set Goals

You as a call center manager have some goals. Often these are set by your management team. If these are not set yet you have the opportunity to further professionalize your call center. Your company wants to offer your customers a certain level of service. This is called the Service Level of your call center. Service Level is based on the maximum waiting time a caller needs to waitRead more

Cut costs

Watching costs is always important. However it is tricky to know when saving costs harms your customers experience. Agenses offers unique features to save costs at times it has low impact on your customers experience. Our algorithms will automatically inform you when cutting costs has low impact on your customers experience. We do this by looking at the call load prediction and your desired service level. If by loweringRead more

Examples of Erlang C in action

Although Erlang C originally was developed for call centers it can be used in a lot of different settings. These settings vary from determining the number of cash registers that should be open in a supermarket to determining how much staff will be needed in a department store. Supermarket If you are the manager of a supermarket you need to make schedules for your employees and how many ofRead more

Erlang C and handling emails

Erlang C can be used to calculate the needed number of agents for many tasks. However if you use it for handling emails there are a few factors to keep in mind: Erlang C uses queues to calculate the needed agents. Therefore it is only accurate if you handle the emails on a first come first serve basis. Often the service level requirements for responding to emails are farRead more

Erlang C Formula

For good forecasting it is not necessary to have in depth knowledge about the Erlang C formula. Below we explain how the formula mathematically works. Our technicians have used this knowledge in creating our forecasting and scheduling services so you do not have to worry about it.   The Erlang C formula is in its original form defined as a function of two variables: the number of agents NRead more

Everything you need to know about Erlang C

Erlang C is a proven method or formula to successfully predict call center load. The Erlang C formula calculates based on basic information (like the expected number of calls) how many call center employees (or agents) are needed to meet your desired service level. Erlang C is the standard in the call center industry. If you are new to call center forecasting, want to improve your customer experience orRead more

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