The past twelve months with Agenses

Today marks the result of twelve months of hard work. Today Agenses launches its services for call centers to the public. This blog post tells you everything about the hard work and the dedication from everybody involved. What started with a simple idea resulted in easy to use services. We are proud that we are able to hide all the complex technology from our users. This way they canRead more

Microsoft Excel in contact centers

Agenses aims to replace the cumbersome process involved with using Excel to give you Insights, Forecasting, and scheduling in one easy solution. Copying and manually entering data is error prone and time consuming.   Usage of Excel In most contact centers Microsoft Excel is being used in one way or the other. The smaller your contact center is, the higher the chances that Excel is being used to doRead more

What does it costs you NOT to use Agenses?

Disclaimer: this blog post solely talks about cost savings for inbound service-oriented contact centers; if you are operating an outbound contact center your cost advantages can be higher due to increased sales.   Yes, you read the title of this blog post right! We at Agenses are not a philanthropic organization but our aim is not only to make your life as a contact center manager easier but alsoRead more

5 tips to manage your call volume

Managing your call volume is important to keep your service levels stable. One of the most convenient ways to manage the number of incoming phone-calls is to collaborate with you colleagues. A good moment to keep a close eye on your expected call volume is when your company uses mass communication tools. This can be for instance bulk email mailings or other direct marketing tools as sending out catalogs,Read more

Why a low average talking time doesn’t do it all

Everything in CRM (customer relationship management) is about happy and satisfied customers, and how to make them happy & satisfied. Sometimes contact centre managers aim for a low average talk time. In their opinion a low average talk time (the average time an agent spends on each call) saves cost, because an agent should spend as little time as possible on the customer. Because that is the cheapest, andRead more

5 things CEOs need to know about good customer service

Customer Service (CS) is all about satisfaction. The goal of your company is probably to sell as much as possible, and getting that done in the easiest way. The most important thing –next to actually have a magnificent product or service of course- is providing a good customer experience, which can only be reached by good customer service. 95% of the leaders1 say that this actually is a topRead more

Meeting expectations

What are good customer interactions? To answer that we question your organization should define goals it wants to achieve. Do you want to be an efficient organization or do you want to offer your callers a very good experience and build a close relationship with them? Try to find out what the caller expects concerning call center availability. Depending on your organizations needs you could just meet these expectationsRead more

What is good customer service?

To achieve good customer service is not as easy as it sounds. Customers are demanding and with heightened competition customer intimacy becomes more and more important. Customer Intimacy leads to higher levels of loyalty towards your company and the products or services you provide. But how do you achieve a better customer intimacy? Listening to a customers’ needs and solving a customers’ problem are key. The best place toRead more

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