Running a call center is no easy task. It is very easy to loose sight of all your call detail records numbers. You want to get a clear insight into your call center dynamics, get a perfect overview of the situation, and to be into control of costs and service levels.

Agenses Insights (an online statistics tool) can help you with this! 

Based on the historical data from your automatic call distributor (ACD-system) it generates a clear overview of your actual call load and service levels.

The system will automatically import your data and generate daily/weekly/monthly* reports. Within these reports you can easily select a day and see the detailed call loads for every quarter of that day.


  • Get an overview of your call center performance by day/week/month*
  • Detailed reports by day
With this you:
  • Gain insights in your call center dynamics
  • Get a good grasp on busy periods
  • Get a good grasp on slow periods
  • Be able to improve service levels
Which leads to: 
  • a happier call center manager!


Your effort 

Agenses Insights easily integrates with your Phone System. All you need to do is setting up automatic reporting to an email address we will provide.

Agenses Insights easily integrates with Asterisk, FreePBX, Kamailio, SipWise, RingCentral, and many other ACD and PBX systems.

*you can choose 

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