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24 januari 2017 - 5 tips to manage your call volume
Managing your call volume is important to keep your service levels stable. One of the most convenient ways to manage the number of incoming phone-calls is to collaborate with you colleagues.
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9 januari 2017 - Why a low average talking time doesn't do it all
Everything in CRM (customer relationship management) is about happy and satisfied customers, and how to make them happy & satisfied. 

Sometimes c...
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1 july 2016 - 5 things CEOs need to know about good customer service
Customer Service (CS) is all about satisfaction. The goal of your company is probably to sell as much as possible, and getting that done in the easiest way. The most important thing –next to act...
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2 november 2015 - First Call Resolution

The easiest way to save costs and improve customer happiness: First Call Resolution

Solving a customers question or request with the first call obviously improves the happiness of the...
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5 october 2015 - The 5 essential ...
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7 september 2015 - Meeting expectations

What are good customer interactions?

To answer that we question your organization should define goals it wants to achieve. Do you want to be an efficient organization or do you want t...
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3 august 2015 - What is good customer service?

To achieve good customer service is not as easy as it sounds. Customers are demanding and with heightened competition customer intimacy becomes more and more important.

Customer Intim...
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