Tips and Tricks
If you are a professional call center manager you want to keep your service level at an good level with very high peaks or lows.In order to achieve this it is most easy to draw graphs with needed and scheduled agents. So you can easily see what time periods are over and which are under staffed.

By using your knowledge about the amount of calls you receive in each time period of the day you can better predict future days and time periods. Fortunately Agenses Forecast allows you to save these distributions of calls during the day so you can use them and adjust them.

Overstaffing is something you want to avoid. So is understaffing. Agenses Forecast helps you plan and schedule sufficiently.

By using your knowledge about the distribution of call load during the day we create templates for you. These can be used and adjusted for any given day.

Agenses Forecast will show you graphs and calculated needed number of agents. This gives you the ability to schedule enough agents and plan breaks in a way that least impacts your service levels.

In the end it is always about the user experience and avoiding peaks and lows in staff is key.

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