Easily integrate with your ACD

Agenses Forecast easily integrates with your telephone system or Automated Call Distributor (ACD). Simply by setting up an automated email report to an email address we will provide for you.

This way forecasting call load and needed number of agents will become automated. You can then fine-tune the automatically generated Call Profiles and Forecasts to your needs.


Agenses Forecast integrates with:



and many others by importing the (CDR) reports these solutions provide.

Agenses Forecast is able to automatically import CDR-reports from a wide range of systems including: Asteris, FreePBX, RingCentral, SipWise, Avaya, Kamailio and Corvisa.


We analyse these CDRs and determine a lot of information from them. For instance the distribution of calls during a day, and average call length. With this information we automatically create Call Profile. These Call Profiles are used together with a general Forecast to determine detailed forecasts. The outcome is a series of forecasts for every quarter of an entire week. Easily made visible to you by graphs.

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