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Agenses understands that a small call center needs tools which are easy to use. The easier the call center tools are the more they will be used and the more value they will generate for the call center.

Agenses offers three call center tools which will not only help you get more insight in your data, allows you to forecast call load and schedule agents but also teaches you how to get the most out of them.

Agenses Call Center Tools Suite (ACCT-Suite)

The ACCT-Suite exists of three tools:  

Apart from that we have a free tool: Easy Calculation, based on an Erlang C Calculator, which you can use without any subscription! 

These call center tools are designed in steps, to complement eachother. A small call center or new call center manager can best start with using , to check out what and Erlang C Calculator can do for you. If that is to your satisfactory and you want to get more insights like this, you can start with Agenses Insights . When you have these insights in the call center dynamics and want to predict, you can upgrade to Agenses Forecasting . If you want more easiness in making schedules and communicating them with your call center agents you can upgrade to Agenses Scheduling .


Easy Calculation : An Erlang C Calculator

This free tool allows you to easily calculate the needed number of agents. Simply give in the expected number of calls, and the average call length. Then select the service level you want to achieve and press calculate. It automatically also calculates the expected agent occupancy rate. Try it now, there is no sign-up needed.


Agenses Insights: get insights in your historical data 

Based on your historical data Agenses Insights provides your more insights, such as the call distribution, the call load, the average call length, and reached service levels, all per choosen time period (month/week/day/hour/quarter of an hour).

Agenses Forecasting: Forecast Call Load for an entire day (week, or month)

The Agenses Forecasting Calculation tool will help you understand your call patterns better and forecast needed agents for entire days at once. It does this independently for every quarter of the hour so you can start saving costs. Try it now, there is a sign-up needed after which you get instant access.

 Agenses Scheduling: Make schedules based on the Forecast Calculation

The Agenses Scheduling Tool will help you create schedules for your agents. Easily communicate schedules with your agents and let your agents swap schedules online. Apply for the beta .

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